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Why Garbled And Disorder Displaying On LED Display?

Publish Time : Jan 17 2020

In last page, we introduce solution on no displaying. In this page, we continue introducing clients FAQ when they control LED display.

Q: I made setup on software, why garbled and disorder displaying on my LED display? which step I did wrong?
Why Garbled and Disorder Displaying on LED Display

Failure Cause:
a) LED studio setting mistake or Signal cable connected wrongly
Solution: Setting up the LED studio software and reconnect the signal cable according to the Controlling System Operation Steps (see the Controlling System Operation Manual).

b) Controlling System breaks off (Sending/Receiving Card)
Solution: Check if the sending card and receiving card is working normal (green indicator twinkling, red indicator keep lighting). If the green indicator is off or keeps lighting, it means there is no signal if the indicator is off, it maybe also because its power is off). Sending card will very seldom break down. If it truly breaks off, please change the sending card.

c) Wrong setup on receiver card parameter
Solution: Load corresponding RCG file in software. RCG file normally come with LED display together in a CD.

If you tried all solutions but not work, pls contact us and we will assist you to make "intelligent setup" with remote support.In following pages, we will continue to introduce other common failures and solutions. Thank you.

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