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Croatia New Beer Press Conference

Croatia New Beer Press Conference

Publish Time : May 12 2018

With the rapid development of social economy, more and more festival celebrations and large-scale parties, the LED display has also gained rapid development, so the LED big rental screen has become a necessary product of the whole activity.

LEDFUL is dedicated to propose the professional LED rental event display solutions, and already widely used in various fields, such as conferences, exhibitions, performances, literary and artistic activities, and wedding scenes.

In May this year, LEDFUL bring ID2.9 indoor rental product boosted Croatia new beer press conference, with higher quality, more beautiful appearance, much highly praised by customers.
Indoor Rental ID2.9 model features:
1. High performance price ratio, perfect performance.
2. The original aluminum alloy box structure is stable and durable.
3. The characteristic of "light, thin and dense"  provides greater space for creativity.
4. Precise, quick and flexible positioning installation can effectively cope with different application fields.
5.Deep grayscale processing technology to get the best picture quality.

Quality is always the lifeline of the enterprise, LEDFUL is always used to the real quality ,the most solid guarantee, to create the maximum value for each customer,let the real glory bloom the world!

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