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2020 ST15S Outdoor Transparent LED display in Russia

2020 ST15S Outdoor Transparent LED display in Russia

Publish Time : May 13 2021

Product Model: ST15S
Pitch: 15mm
Size: 7×15m
Location: Russia

Outdoor Transparent LED Display---ST Series—ST15S

LEDFUL Outdoor ST15S LED Transparent LED Screen installed in Russia which includes 210pcs 500x1000mm cabinets.

The project photos shown on this screen are from our Russia customer. who started communicating with us on the project in September 2019 and completed the installation of the screen in March 2020.

ST15S is a model with high transparency is up to 30% and cost-effective among outdoor transparent screens. It is widely used on the glass surface of high buildings and beautify the buildings with sun light indoor.

The cabinet design of the strip screen has a high protection grade: front& rear side IP65, anti wind, water, dust for screen.

Beside, full aluminum cabinet with high anti UV and low request for the wall's weight capacity.

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