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Amazing Global LED Screen Boost Your Business

Amazing Global LED Screen Boost Your Business

Publish Time : Sep 18 2015

Amazing Global LED Screen Boost Your Business
A ground of clients from Spain visited LEDFUL factory, they spoke highly of global led screen, then checked the production line, production and detection equipment, and also led lighting. After three day's detail discussing and negotiation, there was an brief agreement with LEDFUL on their project.

We have various types global LED screen. There are pixel pitch 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 10mm, etc, and diameter 1m, 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m etc. It depends on clients requirements.
Concerning brief specification, for example,1m diameter P10 global screen, it is only 68kg. Consumption is 1.9KW(max), 0.9KW(avg). Brightness is about 2300 nits. Besides, synchronous and asynchronous control method are both available. Which means only your laptop can control this LED ball conveniently. For screen package, there is a special customized flight case can load and move the ball to everywhere.

So now you have an opportunity to boost your business, why not?
1) Design Drawing

2)Global Structure Manufacture

3)Various Difform LED Module


5)Debugging and Test
6)The Earth


8)Clients Visiting

Clients Visiting
9)Clients Checking

11)Group Photo
Group Photo

12) Global LED Screen Packing

Global LED Screen Packing

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