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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

Publish Time : Sep 28 2017

After the Spring festival, the Mid Autumn is the Chinese Second-biggest traditional festival. Because of this, the Mid Autumn Festival left lots of wonderful customs, such as eating moon cakes, sacrificial offerings and moon gazin, guess the riddle, Play kongming lantern, fire dragon dance,etc.
Happy Mid-Autumn Festival-1
Happy Mid-Autumn Festival-2
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Play Kongming Lantern
 Unconsciously, LEDFUL has been established for 8 years. we always insist on independent research and development, LED display is widely used in the station airport, traffic, advertising media, hotel, government department ,stores, supermarkets, concert performances and other public places. 
 During the 2017 Mid Autumn festival approaching, We would like to send our best and most sincere wishes for all old and new clients support and faith in the past 8 years.
Happy Mid-Autumn Festival-4
 Warm welcome to China to taste Chinese moon cakes!

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